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Security Policy

Data Protection

The latest technology including data encryption is utilised to protect the data presented and compliant to strict safety standards is applied to prevent unauthorised data access.

Storage Safety

All electronic storage and personal data delivery will be protected and stored using suitable safety technology.

Lain-lain Polisi:

  • Contribution and distribution of classified information and negative materials which are contradictory to the national policies are prohibited.
  • Distribution of information which is political, seditious or racist in nature or any information that might jeopardise the reputation of the state of Perak is prohibited.
  • Visitors who wish to use facilities such as forum must register as a safety precaution to avoid unexpected matters from arising.
  • Visitors must ensure that all attachments sent are free from any virus.
  • Any website from an agency or a company which require a hyperlink to The Official Portal of Perak State Museum Board, or vice-versa, must first obtain the approval from the Head of Department.
  • Any invasion or attempt to hack The Official Portal of Perak State Museum Board.
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